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As a long time pest controller, I’ve found lots of people ask lots of the same questions about pest control – and wonder if it’s for them, or even if it’s safe.

This blog is dedicated to providing advice on pest control, giving you some helpful tips, and helping you decide what’s best for you.

More importantly, I welcome you to tell me about your concerns, ask questions and maybe share a story for the benefit of other readers.

Whether its about pest control in your home or at your business, this blog is for you.

Pest Control – An Essential Part of Life

How important is pest control in our daily lives? Not everyone realises just how important pest control is to our lifestyle. Believe it or not, its a major partner in keeping our society healthy.

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Pest Control and Your Daily Bread

Have you ever stopped to think about the "Paddock to Plate" story of something as simple as your crusty bread roll, or a slice of your favourite bread?

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Is Pest Control Safe?

Is pest control safe for your children and pets. What factors are involved in a pest control service that affect your safety?

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Pest Control – What Are My Options?

Do nothing? Do it yourself? Try "Natural" pest control? Can you trust a professional pest controller? Learn more here.

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Pest Control and Business

How does pest control impact on your business? Does compliance matter to you? How much time and effort should you put into selecting the right pest controller for your business?

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Pest Facts

How seriously should we treat some of the more common pests? What are the Risks? How can you control them?

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