What is Pest Control?

What is Pest Control?Is Pest Control Bad?

If someone mentions the words “Pest Control” to you – what comes to your mind?

Most people get images of crazy guys wandering around in “space suits” ready to withstand the next nuclear holocaust!

Sadly this reputation is totally unjustified.  I’ll explain a bit more about that later.

Without pest control, our society would fall apart!

How could that be possible from men in “space suits”?

We (the pest controllers) are a group of unsung heroes that go about our business to keep the rest of society ticking over.

This is why we put tickets on ourselves…

Without pest control:

  • Mass food production would be reduced – pest control minimises spoilage.
  • Large scale produce storage would be impossible – silos, mills and transport systems rely on pest control to keep vermin at bay
  • There would be no supermarkets (rodents and vermin would overtake the store in weeks)
  • There would be no international travel (we have to keep flying insects from hitchhiking between countries)
  • There would be no international trade (border protection from insects and other pests is what we do)
  • There would be very poor health care (we have to treat hospitals, doctor’s surgeries etc)
  • Our mines (at least in some countries) would stop functioning (rodents and vermin are not welcome 1000 metres underground)
  • We would need to remodel / rebuild our homes every few years – termites just love what we live in
  • And the list goes on..
Pest control is not just about chemicals.
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