Pest Control and Your Daily Bread

Pest control and foodHave you ever stopped to think about the “Paddock to Plate” story of something as simple as your crusty bread roll, or a slice of your favourite bread?

Without the pest control industry it might just be a dream instead of reality.  How so?

Consider the process:

  • The farmer produces the grain (for mass crop production, pest control measures have to be applied by the farmer to ensure that there is a crop);
  • Once the grain is harvested its transported to major grain stores.  (Here we provide pest control services for stored product pests and rodents mostly – if the grain is being shipped overseas we have to fumigate it);
  • The grain is then transported to the mill.  (Once again we make sure that the mill is pest free – especially where the store the flour);
  • The flour is shipped to the bakery (the pattern contines – bakeries require a vigiliant pest control service to keep rodents, cockroaches and other vermin from spoiling the ingredients and making sure you don’t end up with unwanted ‘ingredients’ in your loaf of bread);
  • The bread is delivered to the retail shop or restuarant (and you guessed it – pest control keep these establishments open so you have a sure supply of healthy food.
So the next time you sit down to your sandwich, bread roll or bagel – just remember that pest controllers have championed your enjoyment!

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