Pest Control – What Are My Options?

What Are Your Options?

What is Pest Control?Do Nothing – Let the Pests Breed

This may seem ‘natural’, but there is nothing healthy, natural or safe about your environment being shared with vermin like cockroaches and rodents.
You can read more about the health impact of pests in this blog.

If pests become a problem in your home, you can’t ignore them.  For example if you leave one pair mice alone for 6 months – you will end up with over 500 mice! (according to the Grains Research and Decelopment Corporation.)

Letting pests go wild can have adverse health affects

Treat it yourself

Many Do-It-Yourself products that you buy in the supermarket are very dangerous in the hands of the untrained.  In fact there are products on the shelf that we would refuse to use as professionals because of their health impacts.

I have spoken to many clients who have harmed themselves and their pets because they did not realise the danger of using certain products.

DIY can cause harm to you and your pests.

Get a Pest Controller that says its ‘Natural’

Be very careful about this.  Most companies that say they use ‘Natural’ products use the same products as everyone else.  The reason that they of say ‘Natural’ is that the most common pest control products used at the moment are a ‘synthesised’ version of the natural pyrethrums found in certain flowers.

In addition there are many ‘Natural’ compounds in our environment that are very toxic to mammals and fish.  Even Arsenic is natural.

Be Careful – Even Arsenic is Natural

Get a Professional Pest Controller

There are many good, reputable companies out there that employ the IPM Methodology.  Make sure that you ask about this.

I would recommend that you only use a company that belongs to the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEMPA)

Read More about IPM

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