Fly Spray Aint Fly Spray

fly spray or surface spray - pest control at homeI’m constantly amazed at the line up of fly spray and surface spray products on supermarket shelves.

I was only down at my father-in-law’s place last night to experience first hand one of my many fears when it comes to household chemicals.

My wife and I commented on the pleasant odour in the house. “I’ve just killed a fly” stated my elderly father-in-law proudly. My wife and I looked at each other – It didn’t smell like the usual odour of fly spray I knew.

After dinner we asked him to show us this new can of stuff he used.

He proudly marched over to the kitchen sink and pulled out what I feared most – the Ugly Surface Spray.

While you purchase this type of product from the supermarket shelf – please be warned.

NEVER use surface sprays as general fly sprays.

I checked out the active ingredient, and sure enough – its the type of product we (the pest control industry) now refuse to use, because of the acute affects it can have on the unsuspecting victim of spray drift.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I use flyspray at home like nearly everyone else.  BUT…

If you’re going to kill a fly with fly spray – ALWAYS read the can and make sure it does NOT say the words SURFACE spray.

With that all said and done – we found the dead fly by the window.

(I just wonder whether it died from the spray – or a case of drowning – we shall never know.)

Have you every made this mistake?

Do you keep your FLY spray and SURFACE spray together on the same shelf?


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