How To Choose A Pest Control Company

find a good pest control companyHow to Choose a Good Pest Control Company

Most people are very fussy about the choices they make when it comes to health and their environment.  This is no different when it comes to selecting a pest control company to service your home or business.

The price of a pest control service should your LAST concern.

Most people associate pest control with chemicals and yet they often disregard this important fact and think that the $99 deal in the letterbox is the way to go!  WRONG.

The price of a pest control service should be your LAST concern

What should you look for when selecting a pest control company?

Will they provide the service you NEED?

  • When you contact a pest control company – make sure that they actually LISTEN to your concerns.
    If they just give you a price – find another pest control company.
    They should ask you lots of questions to understand your needs.
  • Ask them where they will be placing any pesticide?
  • If you are concerned about pesticides, ask them if they have some non-pesticide alternatives or strategies for minimising pesticides around your home?

Will they come back if the pest control service hasn’t worked?

  • Ask about what sort of service warranties they provide with their pest control services.
    (NOTE: Not all pests can have a service warranty – in some cases we can only treat what we see on the day)
    Many pest control companies will come back if they don’t fix the problem – but you have to PAY again.  They often don’t publicise this fact.
  • Check out there commitment to service in writing (here is one example of what you should expect...)

Licensing, Insurance and Credentials

  • Make sure that they are a licensed pest management technician.
    You might think they have a pest control licence, but there a some companies out there that operate illegally or via loop holes in current laws.
  • Make sure that they are properly insured (Professional Indemnity and Public Liability).
    There are lots of pest control companies that are not insured – Its expensive for us as an industry.
  • For peace of mind – always use a member of the AEPMA (Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association) – Members have to be fully insured and abide by a Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • PestCert is an additional accreditation that promotes excellence in business quality, operations and customer service.
  • ISO9001 Certification.  Not many pest control companies have this certification, but it is one EXTRA assurance that their business systems, training, compliance and commitment to customer service are rigorous and meeting the requirements of a quality business.


There are FAKE Pest Control Associations out there.
The ONLY Pest Control Association in Australia is the AEPMA.  Others given themselves a name, but they do NOT represent the industry and, in fact, support only the one pest control company (sometimes in the same office).


In the meantime…

  • Do you have any questions about quality pest control?

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    Great in your article you mentioned each and every thing very nicely and focused the main important that when we call pest control that should be professional. We keep in mind these points.

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