Pest Control Tips for Self Storage

Self Storage and Pest ControlSelf Storage – Don’t Forget About Pest Control

  • Do you have so much stuff that you just “can’t live without”?
  • Have you outgrown your house and decided you need to store your stuff in a Self Storage facility?

Then read on…

You need to know what effect common pests can have on your self storage environment and what precautions you need to take before your stuff gets ruined and you have to dump it (and solve your need for self storage in one go!)

Do self storage facilities really provide proper pest control services?

When you sign up for one these units, you often get  a line about it being “pest controlled”.

Is that true?

It may be to some extent, but the pest control service that self storage facilities provide will NOT protect your goods from damage.

Why not?

When you first get your highly prized (and highly priced) storage unit, it may have just been treated.  If its been done correctly, the cockroaches and spiders will be dead, and maybe a rodent bait station has been replenished, but you can’t always rely on this.

The problem starts when you put your stuff in there and lock the door.

Think about it…

  • No one but you can get it – its locked, so no one else can monitor and control the pest activity in your unit except YOU!
  • Your storage ‘neighbours’ might bring in all sorts of stuff that pests might love and be hitch-hiking in
  • While the unit is normally nice and weather proof, it is by no means sealed enough to stop the pests we hate from getting in.

What can pests do in your storage unit?

Here are just a few ‘top of mind’ issues:

  • Rodents:  Rats and mice are notorious ‘nesters’ in any storage environment.
    They just love dark places and lots of cardboard boxes.  They can damage lots of stored goods when they are left undisturbed.
  • Cockroaches: While they may not damage your goods directly, they can leave a real mess.
  • Ants: If they decide to set up home in your stuff, you might not want to use it again. Electronics and other goods can be ruined by ant activity.
  • Spiders: Spiders love storage areas.  It’s mostly the discomfort of having to pick up stuff with spider webs that bothers most of us.
  • Stored Product Pests:  These pests mostly attack organic items and natural fibres that are stored in cupboards and forgotten.  Synthetic materials are not at risk, but woolens and other fabrics face total destruction at the hands of these guys.
  • Termites: These guys are ALWAYS on the hit list.  They just don’t eat timber.  Any cellulose based product is fair game.  The storage facility needs to be on its game to ensure that termites are not active at the facility.

What can you do to keep your stored goods safe?

Stay tuned for my next post to find out…

In the meantime…

  • Do you have any questions about these or other pest?

  • Do you want to know more about pest control issues around your home?

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