Pest Control Tips for Self Storage – Part 2

Self StorageSelf Storage – Don’t Forget About Pest Control – Part 2

In my previous post I raised some important issues about pest control concerns when you get into a self storage unit.

Pests can easily get in

The first you need to realise is that the only thing the self storage unit normally keeps out is other people.

There are plenty of gaps and openings around wall edges and ceilings for any self-respecting pest to get through.

What you can do – Storage

  • Storage Containers:  Make sure that you place as much storage into sealed plastic or metal containers.  This will keep most of the larger vermin away.
  • Vacuum Sealed Bags: Any precious fabrics that might be susceptible to fabric pests (e.g. woolens) should be stored in air-tight bags.
  • No Food Products or Moisture Sources: Make sure that there you don’t store any food products (unless they are tinned) or items that could provide a moisture source to encourage pests to hang around.
  • AVOID Cardboard Boxes for you most precious things.  Rodents, cockroaches,ants and spiders can easily find their way into this type of storage.

What you can do – Sprays and Baits

  • Get a Professional:  I know how much self-storage actually costs!
    Getting a professional pest controller to come and treat/service your storage unit every 3 months or so is only a small investment that could save you heaps of money if your precious goods were compromised by pests.
  • Sprays: If you decide that you don’t want to get a professional pest controller, you may want to consider using cans of surface spray (from the supermarket) every 2-3 months.
    Make sure that you spray edges of doorways, all entry points into the unit, and surrounds of the stored items.
    Be careful to follow the safety directions on the can (especially when it comes to wearing masks, etc).
  • Self Storage - Rodent BaitBaits: If you decide that you don’t want to get a professional pest controller you may want to consider getting some rodent baits from the supermarket or produce store.
    If you decide to do this, I would only recommend ‘wax block‘ formulations and make sure that they are stored inside a box (not just lying around).
    The biggest risk is a child consuming the bait.
    Always follow label directions and make sure that you carefully supervise any children that visit the storage unit with you.

rodent control - rodent bait stationPest Control at the Storage Facility

One other thing that might be worth requesting is that the management of the storage facility consider a programmed pest control service covering the external and common areas of the storage facility (especially for rodent control).

If you can’t see locked rodent stations on the outside of the storage unit complex buildings – they don’t have what they need (regardless of what they might tell you).

In the meantime…

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