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Scratching 1Is that a Bug Biting Me? Why Do I Itch?

Maybe – and maybe not.

With Spring now and truly under way, we see a rise in pest control issues to do with itches, bites and other allergy related problems.

The reason pest controllers get a lot of calls is because a lot of people think that if they itch, something has bitten them.

I could address this as one long blog article and send you all to sleep – so I’ll split it up into a few parts to keep you totally engaged (well at least that’s the idea).

What can cause itches and ‘bites’?

There are lots of reasons why people can experience bites, itchesirritations, rashes and allergic reactions – here are just a few:

  • Common pest problems:
    Pests like fleas and mosquitoes.
  • More unusual pest problems:
    Pests like bird mites, dust mites, scabies.
  • Environmental allergens – the natural kind:
    Pollens, spores and caterpillar hairs.
  • Environmental allergens – the man made kind:
    Food additives, detergents, solvents, artificial fibres (e.g. fiberglass or other non-organic fibres)
  • Your active imagination:
    Its true – you itch because you think you itch – or even worse – delusory parasitosis.

Can pest control fix my ‘biting’ problem?

Well that depends on the cause. If the pests really exist and can be identified, then the answer is yespest controllers can help.

If the pests can’t be found or identified, then medical advice is strongly recommended,

However lots of detective work may be needed when the answers are not so obvious.

Here are some important questions that you need to answer before you call a pest controller:

  • What are the symptoms?
    Is there a visible bite or rash?

  • Where do the ‘bites’ or irritations occur?
    In the house, the bedroom, the bathroom, different parts of the house, the garden, the lawn or near certain trees?

  • Who is affected?
    Is just one person in the home, or is everyone equally affected?

  • When does the problem occur?
    Is it at certain times of the day or all the time?

In the next post I’ll address the true pest problems in relation to these questions.

In the meantime…

  • Do you have any questions about pests or avoiding problems with them?

  • Do you want to know more about pest control issues around your home?

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