Bug Bites and Itches – Common Pest Problems

pets scratchingIs that a Bug Biting Me? Why Do I Itch?

In a previous post I explained that not all bites and itches are the fault of actual insects biting – there can be lots of other reasons.

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This post is focused on the stuff that pest controllers can solve – insects and things that actually bite.

Most Common Pests that cause bites and itches

  • Fleas:  Can cause a lot of irritation for pets and humans.  You can easily develop an allergy to flea bites that can become a type of dermatitis.
    Fleas are visible pests, and you will see them on your pets and jumping on you.
    You will notice fleas jumping on your legs or any part of the body that is closer to the ground.
    Don’t try to treat fleas on your own.  If you have pets get them treated.  Then call a professional pest controller.
    Read more about fleas here….

  • Mosquitoes: Bites often cause irritation and some breeds carry nasty diseases.
    These pests are highly visible, and if necessary, can be identified by an expert.
    There some things you can do yourself – mostly personal protection and screening.
    Depending on your environment, there are some great treatment options offered by professional pest controllers that give you a lot of relief.
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  • Bird Mites:  There are a seasonal pest that occur when birds build a nest in your immediate area (e.g. roof void, awning etc).
    These pests favour newly hatched birds as their host.
    When the birds grow up and leave the nest, the bird mites migrate and look for another host – namely you!
    Bird mites are very small (up to 1mm long) and semi-transparent.
    Professional pest controllers can eradicate bird mites and provide assistance with nest removal in some circumstances.
    Before you treat for bird mites – you need to collect samples and get them properly identified.
    Read a bird mite fact sheet here…

Pest controllers only treat what they can identify

When you ask a professional pest controller for help – there are a few key things that you need to know:

  • Pest controllers can only treat once the actual pest has been identified.
    This is important since the products they select are only registered for use for certain types of pests.
    If you can “Capture” samples yourself before they call – it will be a great help.

  • Pest controllers may not be able to treat every type of pest you find.

 What else could be causing the “bites” or itches?

In the next post, I’ll discuss some of the more common environmental allergens to look out for.

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