Bug Bites and Itches – Environmental Causes

bites itches and allergiesIs that a Bug Biting Me? Why Do I Itch?

In a previous post I explained that not all bites and itches are the fault of actual insects biting – there can be lots of other reasons.

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This post is focused on the things that pest controllers can’t solve – but are definite things to look out for.

Allergens that can cause itches and rashes

  • Pollens and Spores: With spring in the air, its the time that all hayfever sufferers dread.  Some pollens and plant spores (especially from ferns) can cause major problems.  We have had a number of cases over the years where a tree fern or flowering tree near the home has the been culprit of allergic reactions for the occupants.
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  • Caterpillar Hairs: A number of caterpillar species have hair that can case major allergic reactions and skin irritations.  Whatever you do, don’t touch one if you find it.
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  • Artificial Allergens:  In a world filled with made-made fibres, food additives and chemicals, there is almost no end to the possibilities that could be causing a rash, an itch or an allergic reaction.
    Common things to look out for include: Non-organic fibres (like fibreglass), detergents, rubber and related products, food additives, dairy products, creams and lotions etc.
    Many of these can cause skin sensitivities that are often misdiagnosed as a biting pest problem.
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Questions you can ask yourself about itches and ‘bites’

Normally these types of things have a reasonably clear starting point:

  • What changed in your environment – just before you started getting the problem?
  • Could it be related to a change in a plant or the environment – places you walk under, play or rest?
  • Have you recently changed something in your diet?
  • Have you started using a new shampoo, washing detergent, clothes detergent or air-freshener?
  • Is there a chance that your ceiling has fibreglass insulation and its getting back into the open home atmosphere?

Basically you need to become your own detective and investigate all the possibilities.

This can take time – but never just assume that an insect is biting you just because you feel itchy.

In the next post, I’ll discuss one of the most sensitive issues in this are – the imagination!

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