Bug Bites and Itches – Is It Just Imagination?

bites aind itchesIs that a Bug Biting Me? Why Do I Itch?

In a previous post I explained that not all bites and itches are the fault of actual insects biting – there can be lots of other reasons.

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This post is focused on the things that pest controllers can’t solve – and are the most difficult to deal with.

Perceptions and Imagined Bites and Itches

  • Bells Syndrome:  Have you ever been near somebody who decides that they are being bitten or need to scratch themselves?  They start talking about it, keep scratching and the next thing you know you ‘think’ you can feel some irritation or itching sensation?
    This is a known syndrome, where the power of suggestion can overtake what’s really happening.  The question is – Is the problem real?

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  • Delusory Parasitosis: This is a more difficult a real problem, for the sufferer, since it stems from mental illness that needs specialist help.  Sadly, people with this condition are really suffering. They categorically reject any suggestion that the bugs or pests.
  • What sufferers typically say about their bugs, parasites, or worms:
    – burrow in and out of the skin, or go in and out of body openings;
    – change form or color to avoid detection;
    – come out of common household items such as toothpaste, cosmetics, upholstered furniture, blankets;
    – attack other family members who cannot see them.
  • The person suffering from classic delusional parasitosis may exhibit any of the following signs and symptoms:
    – spends hours every day cleaning, scrubbing, and sterilizing clothes, skin, furniture, and fixtures, even vehicles;
    – treats skin and clothes with pesticides, gasoline, kerosene, toxic chemicals, and various home remedies;
    – may destroy “infested” furniture and fixtures;
    – has sores and even deep ulcerations from trying to “dig out” the parasites, worms, or bugs;
    – eagerly and repeatedly recites a detailed history of the condition, with all the steps taken to resolve it;
    – angrily rejects any idea that the bugs don’t exist;
    – has consulted with numerous pest control companies, entomologists, university professors, and other “experts” on human parasites, shopping for anyone to agree that they are infested;
    – collects samples of skin scrapings, dried blood and scabs, toilet paper, hair, and lint “proving” that their problem is real.

Can pest control help?

In these situations pest controllers can’t provide any real assistance.

We can inspect for actual pests, but pest controllers are not parasitologists or physicians.  When there is no actual pest problem found, that is where pest control help will stop.

This can be challenging – and I know from personal experience, you need to simply support the sufferer and seek medical assistance in the kindest way possible.

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