Building or Renovating? Think About Termites

termite-damage-1Building or Renovating – Don’t Let the Termites Bite!

All too often you love the idea of new things – especially when you build or renovate your home.

Something that is not so glamourous is termite management – but it can really wreck new building work.

I found this interesting article that highlights important reminders about termite management when:

  • Building
  • Renovating
  • Doing any landscaping improvements around the home

Read the Article Here…

I haven’t explored this topic on the blog so there might be a few more posts coming up over the next few months.

What you should you do about protecting your house from termites?

  • Call a professional pest control company. Make sure that they are properly insured and have the right credentials.
    Read more about choosing a good pest controller
  • Ask for a full Timber Pest Inspection according to Australian Standards 4349.3. If the company offers you a cheap ‘Termite Check’, contact someone else – they are not going to deliver what you need.
  • Based on the report you might need to take further action (things that you can do and things the that pest controller can do)

The most important thing is “DO SOMETHING”.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Why get serious about termites around your home?

Just remember that there is no house insurance that will insure you against damage to your home or contents if termites are the cause.

A lot of people think they won’t be affected by termites – but the fact is that 1 in 4 properties in Australia will be affected by termites.

Read about termites and house insurance


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