Rodents in the Roof – Again!

rodent bait station

This is what I found

I thought I had it all covered – then I head the ‘pitter patter’ of little rodent feet!

Despite my best intention of keeping unwanted intruders out of my ceiling space, they got in!

I got lazy and the bait stations were emptied over time by rats – just goes to show that the strategy really works when you stick to it.

I’m a pretty hospitable sort of person, but when it comes to rodents (these guys are rats), I’m not so congenial.

baiting rodents

This is what it should have looked like – loaded with bait

If I let them stay, just one family can end up with hundreds of members in a year’s time!

What are my options with rodent control in the roof?

The best option is baiting – But how do you bait for rodents in a ceiling void?

If you decide to go it alone (not call a professional) then here is some important advice:

  • Store any excess baits well away from family and pets, locked away somewhere safe.

    rodent bait station placement

    Rodent bait stations – keeps pets safe – notice the location near access points to the roof

  • Secure the bait in the ceiling with some wire (or something a rodent can’t chew through. Don’t just throw the bait into the ceiling and hope for the best. Why not?
  • Rodents are notorious for stashing food, so they will take the bait away if possible and save it for a rainy day.
  • This means that the bait may not available for other rodents as they pass by.
  • It also means that you can’t monitor the effectiveness of your strategy. If the gets nibbled – you KNOW you’ve go them.
  • It’s environmentally responsible to make sure that rodent baits are not transported to other locations around the home where someone else (family member or pet) might get hold of it.
  • Oh, by the way – have your heard the NOISE rats can make when they start playing soccer with a rodent block in a ceiling – its enough to drive anybody in the house (including the Schnauzer) mad!

Professional pest controllers use special “rodent stations” and secure them, so that the bait cannot be taken away.


In the meantime…

  • Do you have any rodent stories or pictures to share?

  • Do you want to know more about rodents?

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