Cockroach Control and Cockroach Bombs

Cockroach Control using Cockroach Bombs is asking for Trouble!

Its happened again!  A restaurant in our local area blew itself to pieces because they thought DIY Pest control was the cheapest way out.

You can read more about it here…

But what are the risks?

It seems that during summer (when cockroaches are running rampant) that they cannot stock enough cockroach control product on their shelves – especially cockroach control bombs.

Now here’s the paradox. Just because you buy stuff off the supermarket shelf yourself does not make it safe to use!

I can understand using surface sprays etc if you really want to go down that track (although it is false economy) – but cockroach bombs???

Please think about what you are really doing before you use cockroach bombs for cockroach control.

Just imagine…

  • You get a someone to come into your home to spray for cockroaches.
  • They started to spray all your ceilings, walls, curtains, cooking utensils, bench-tops, furniture, floors, rugs, plates, cups, dishes, bedding etc.
  • In fact there is NO surface that was not sprayed
  • They tell you “Don’t worry – once its dry its all good“.

How would you feel?

What’s going through your mind?
I’ll get the mop and bucket out once your gone and spend the next week washing and wiping it all off!

I can tell you – I have no intention of living with pesticide residues unless its absolutely necessary!

Yet that’s exactly what these products do.

  • They use the same products that a professional pest controller uses.
  • They have to leave enough residue to kill the roaches – otherwise they would not have any effect.

Just because you buy stuff off the supermarket shelf yourself does not make it safe to use!

There is also one more less known risk.

Exposure to naked flames (e.g, pilot lights) can cause explosions. It has happened to unsuspecting consumers in the past.

No more house! No more business!

I suppose its also solved the cockroach problem for the moment as well!

So before you decide to “bomb” your house our your business – please make sure you are aware of the risks.

What’s the difference with a true professional pest controller?

  • A true professional will only put products where the cockroaches breed and hang-out.
    (not in the middle of your floor or on your bench-top).
  • They will treat areas that are away from your general day-to-day contact.
  • They will not place products where you are likely to contact them.
Not all pest controllers are like this.
Just because they call themselves pest controllers, some do a bit of a “bomb” treatment and spray stuff unnecessarily.
Make sure you ask them WHERE they treat before you invite them into your home.

So remember, there are lots of ways to kill a cockroach and stop them breeding in your home.

Just don’t risk the safety of your pets and family by spreading pesticides where they have no need to go.


In the meantime…

  • Do you have any questions about cockroaches?

  • Do you want to know more about cockroach control?

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