Can Pest Control be Environmentally Friendly?

pest control and the environmentAre you a friend of the environment?

You may wonder how we, as a professional pest controllers , can be environmentally friendly.

Many people think we deal with ‘nasty chemicals’ – how could that be good?

For true professionals, the fact is that most of the products that we use are far safer than items stored in your kitchen, laundry or bathroom cupboards.

To care for the environment, we take a very focussed approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

How does IPM impact the environment?

All animals and insects (including humans) need 3 basic things to survive and flourish

  • Food
  • water, and
  • shelter

You can control pests is if you can deny one or more of these basic needs.

A professional pest controller should always adopt a philosophy of doing as much with non-chemical methods first.

Most of this of course requires your involvement.

What a pest controller can do to modify the environment

Non-chemical methods and options can include:

  • proofing,
  • sealing up harbourages (places where pests hangout and/or breed), or
  • or trapping.

What you can do to assist with a pest free environment

Other things that need to be done involve the ‘environment’ around your home or work premises.

We can provide advice on how you can alter the environment around your home or business to be less ‘conducive’ to pests wanting to set up home where you live or work.

This might mean:

  • changing your storage practices,
  • sealing up bins,
  • trimming trees and bushes, and
  • removing food sources that attract pests and encourage them to stay.

Of course these options don’t always get rid of the pests that are causing your problems and may not prevent new visitors arriving.

For this reason we still need to use use pesticides in many cases.

Please stay tuned for the next post on how we use pesticides in a responsible manner and still be friends of the environment.


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