Can Pest Control be Environmentally Friendly – Part 2

pest control and the environment Pesticide will still need to be used…

While it would be great to think that we can control pests without ANY pesticides – its just not the case.  Particularly with the built environment in which we live – its just not possible.  Our lifestyles encourage pest activity and expectations in society to day to be totally ‘pest-free’ drive this need even harder.

Responsible pest control means that we don’t use pesticides carelessly – we ALWAYS have to think of the impact on the environment before moving forward.

How are pesticides used in an environmentally friendly manner?

A number of factors come into play:

  • WHAT we use: Not all pesticides are the same.  We carefully assess what products we can use at your home or business to remove the risk of environmental contamination.

    A number of the newer products we use are more target specific – only being toxic to target insect species rather than broad spectrum insecticides. Newer products have little or no effect on mammals – even safer.

    We can also use baits in some of our treatments which only attract target insects in a controlled space.

  • WHERE we use them: There is no need to cover every square inch of your property to gain effective control pests. Using our expert knowledge and experience we know what areas of the property need to be treated – no less, no more.
  • HOW MUCH we use: You don’t need to leave a property dripping wet with product.  We aren’t trying to drown the pests.  Light applications of product will often achieve the best results.

Always something new…

A reputable pest control company will always be at the forefront of industry change.
The company I work for (Amalgamated Pest Control) has a dedicated team of technical researchers and an in-house entomologist who are constantly looking at new products and treatment methods in our quest to remain a world leader in Environmentally Friendly pest control.

Make sure that the pest control company you use can demonstrate that they stay up-to-date with the latest products and methods.

After all – our main concern is protecting the safety of you and your environment.


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