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Quality Management Systems and Pest Control

Quality Management Systems and Pest Control A lot of pest control businesses out there will ‘tell’ you that they provide a quality service, but do they? A quality pest control company will have good processes in place to make sure that you get your pest problems solved, and give you the backup and support that […]

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rodents and electrical safety steel frame construction

Rodents – Dangers with Steel Frame Construction

Rats and Mice – Cause for major concern with Steel Frame Construction! I was sent this photo a few days ago. What you see here is the result of rodent activity inside the wall cavity of a steel frame home.  This could have easily been inside the wall or in a ceiling of a commercial […]

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Rats and Mice can Burn Down Your House

Rats and Mice in the Ceiling – More than Just a Nuisance! This photo says it all. I was sent this photo the other day and it highlights the real danger of allowing rats and mice to spend time in our homes and offices. Health hazards aren’t the only thing that you need to worry […]

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rat control

Do Rats Chew Through Water Pipes?

To chew or not to chew – that is the question! With rats and mice starting the make the move into our homes and offices for the winter, it’s time to revisit an interesting set of facts. Last year I was involved in a media story asking the pest manager’s viewpoint on the question “Do […]

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