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Rodents in the Roof – Again!

I thought I had it all covered – then I head the ‘pitter patter’ of little rodent feet! Despite my best intention of keeping unwanted intruders out of my ceiling space, they got in! I got lazy and the bait stations were emptied over time by rats – just goes to show that the strategy […]

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Building or Renovating? Think About Termites

Building or Renovating – Don’t Let the Termites Bite! All too often you love the idea of new things – especially when you build or renovate your home. Something that is not so glamourous is termite management – but it can really wreck new building work. I found this interesting article that highlights important reminders […]

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Termite Flights Are Here – Make Sure Home is Safe!

Termite Flights are happening – What should you know? After the recent storms termite colonies are on the move. You might see some ‘crash landings’ on your car windscreen or mirrors in the morning. What does this mean? It means that there are termite colonies in your immediate vicinity – and these ‘flying termites’ are […]

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Bug Bites and Itches – Is It Just Imagination?

Is that a Bug Biting Me? Why Do I Itch? In a previous post I explained that not all bites and itches are the fault of actual insects biting – there can be lots of other reasons. Click here to read the opening article… This post is focused on the things that pest controllers can’t […]

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