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Rodents in the Roof – Again!

I thought I had it all covered – then I head the ‘pitter patter’ of little rodent feet! Despite my best intention of keeping unwanted intruders out of my ceiling space, they got in! I got lazy and the bait stations were emptied over time by rats – just goes to show that the strategy […]

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Pest Control Tips for Winter

Winter is a great time to be indoors – and the pests agree! Well winter is finally upon us (sorry to those who live in colder climates, but it only got really cold for the first time this winter where I live). While things may slow down for some pests in ‘pest world’ not so […]

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mosquito control

Mosquito Alert – In Winter?

It’s Winter – But Mossies are Still A Concern You may have read recent media articles about a concern that the Asian Tiger Mosquito, (Aedes albopictus), alias the ‘barbecue stopper’,  is about to terrorise South East Queensland. This mosquito is a ‘container breeding’ mosquito similar to the Dengue Mosquito, (Aedes aegypti). The photo shows adult Dengue […]

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rat control

Rat Control and Mouse Control – Out of Control?

Is there increased Rodent Activity at your place? We’ve had numerous enquiries from residents and the media regarding the recent surge in rats and mice in homes. There have also been a number of reported incidents in the media this year of rats chewing through poly water pipes. Why the recent surge in rat and […]

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