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Termite Flights Are Here – Make Sure Home is Safe!

Termite Flights are happening – What should you know? After the recent storms termite colonies are on the move. You might see some ‘crash landings’ on your car windscreen or mirrors in the morning. What does this mean? It means that there are termite colonies in your immediate vicinity – and these ‘flying termites’ are […]

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Quality Management Systems and Pest Control

Quality Management Systems and Pest Control A lot of pest control businesses out there will ‘tell’ you that they provide a quality service, but do they? A quality pest control company will have good processes in place to make sure that you get your pest problems solved, and give you the backup and support that […]

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Termite Flights Are Here – Make Sure You’re Safe!

Have you seen these little guys around the house lately? (unusual looking things that look like large ants with wings) I found a few on the car this morning stuck in a web spun by a spider overnight (clever spider!) I found another one crawling around our kitchen sink! They’re Termites – What’s going on? […]

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Why Are Fleas Still Alive After a Flea Control Treatment?

Still got fleas after a flea control treatment? If you’ve suffered the drama of having a flea control treatment from a professional pest control company, you might wonder if the treatment really worked. Do you still see some fleas for days, even weeks, after a flea treatment? This is exactly what you should expect. Here’s […]

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