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DIY Pest Control – Is It Safe?

Just because something is DIY does not mean that it’s safe or that’s its good for you. Consider this article that I read in the latest issue of the Professional Pest Manager magazine: “An explosion that occurred in a home in the Sydney suburb of Kirribilli early in February was thought to have resulted from […]

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safe pest control for cockroaches

Cockroach Control – Safe and Effective

I love nothing better than success – when its a simple formula. Things are even better when you walk outside and you see one of these guys (Australian Cockroach) doing ‘back stroke’. Funny how small things can make a pest controller happy! The best thing is that I got this result without the application of […]

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Cockroach - pest control strategies

Cockroaches – What you should know

Even though they are the most common insect that comes to mind when you say the work “Pest Control”, not everyone appreciates the problems that they can cause around your home or business. Have a look at the latest Pest Info Page on Cockroaches.

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