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pest control and the environment

Can Pest Control be Environmentally Friendly – Part 2

Pesticide will still need to be used… While it would be great to think that we can control pests without ANY pesticides – its just not the case.  Particularly with the built environment in which we live – its just not possible.  Our lifestyles encourage pest activity and expectations in society to day to be […]

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pest control and the environment

Can Pest Control be Environmentally Friendly?

Are you a friend of the environment? You may wonder how we, as a professional pest controllers , can be environmentally friendly. Many people think we deal with ‘nasty chemicals’ – how could that be good? For true professionals, the fact is that most of the products that we use are far safer than items […]

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Ants on the Run – Pest Control Help

Have you got problems with ants as the moment? In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a crazy amount enquiries about ant infestation and ant control. Here are just a couple of reminders about ants. Pest Control Tips for Ant Control Remove food / Clean Up: You need to be able to reduce the […]

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termite inspection and treatment

Pest Control 1 – Termites Nil

Having termites in your house is not a game – or is it? My son (who followed the family heritage into pest control), sent through this great collection of photos. During a thorough Timber Pest Inspection he came across termites found spending time in the cricket board game “Test Match”. The game was resting against […]

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