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Rodents in the Roof – Again!

I thought I had it all covered – then I head the ‘pitter patter’ of little rodent feet! Despite my best intention of keeping unwanted intruders out of my ceiling space, they got in! I got lazy and the bait stations were emptied over time by rats – just goes to show that the strategy […]

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Rat Control and Mouse Control – Out of Control?

Is there increased Rodent Activity at your place? We’ve had numerous enquiries from residents and the media regarding the recent surge in rats and mice in homes. There have also been a number of reported incidents in the media this year of rats chewing through poly water pipes. Why the recent surge in rat and […]

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Ants on the Run – Pest Control Help

Have you got problems with ants as the moment? In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a crazy amount enquiries about ant infestation and ant control. Here are just a couple of reminders about ants. Pest Control Tips for Ant Control Remove food / Clean Up: You need to be able to reduce the […]

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Why Are Fleas Still Alive After a Flea Control Treatment?

Still got fleas after a flea control treatment? If you’ve suffered the drama of having a flea control treatment from a professional pest control company, you might wonder if the treatment really worked. Do you still see some fleas for days, even weeks, after a flea treatment? This is exactly what you should expect. Here’s […]

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