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How to Detect, Identify and Get Rid of Termites

Most homeowners insurance protection approaches neglect to cover termite harm. These approaches typically spread home harm that is unexpected or incidental. Be that as it may, termite harm can be relieved through the learning of the indications of termite harm and calling a termite control expert right off the bat.






Here are five signs that termites are threatening your home:



Tap on the wooden surface that you think is under termite assault.

Do you hear an empty sound? In the event that you do, at that point it’s sheltered to state that you’re wood is being eaten up by these little, yet perilous creepy crawlies.

Termites flourish in conditions that are dim and damp, which means they will begin benefiting from the inside of wooden structures, not the surface. The wood superficially will look unblemished, however, when you tap on it, it will sound empty.


Termites that are in their conceptive stage are called swarmers. They swarm to make new provinces.

Underground termites for the most part swarm in the springtime, though drywood termite swarms are less unsurprising. In the event that you see a swarm of creepy crawlies around light apparatuses or radiant bug wings lying around your house, it’s a great opportunity to consider bringing in a termite control expert.


Termites can enter even the most moment opening on a wood surface, leaving knocks or swells under the paint. Along these lines, ensure that you seal any splits or openings on the dividers just as other wood surfaces to keep away from pervasion.


Termites make mud cylinders to keep themselves sodden while they’re scavenging for nourishment. Regularly, they will begin assembling these cylinders in the soggy wood that is ordinarily found in storm cellars or in the establishment of your home.

Keep all disposed of materials that they can use for making these mud cylinders, for example, mulch, rotting leaves or wood wears down from your home, so you don’t make conditions where termites like to flourish.


While they eat up your wood, drywood termites desert dark colored droppings called frass. These droppings look like little wood pellets and are six-sided.

Typically when you see frass your home is at a propelled phase of the invasion. You will require the assistance of a certified vermin control expert to exhort you on regulation and treatment.


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How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Fast

 Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs


We’ve all heard of bedbugs. Those small, brownish, oval insects known for their propensity to invade living spaces and infest homes. In the UK these voracious little pests have caused quite a nuisance. Apart from being unsightly and unsanitary, their bites can cause itchy red bumps that may burn or result in moderate pain.

The problem in the UK has only gotten worse over recent years. Reports out of the United Kingdom have indicated that the occurrence of bed bug infestations across the area has risen year after year since as far back as 2006, with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

This has left residents of Yorkshire and the rest of the UK desperate for answers on how they can fight back.  Yet the social stigma of having “bed bugs” often leaves those same residents reluctant to seek professional assistance. Further exacerbating the issue is the fact that many homeowners don’t even realize that they have an infestation until it has gotten out of control.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are a multitude of solutions and a myriad of approaches you can take to take back control of your household from these pests.

If you suspect that your home has indeed succumbed to these pests, this guide is for you. Read on to learn more about the steps you can take today to get rid of bedbugs once and for all.

Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not necessarily the result of poor hygiene or an unclean household. Bed bugs are notorious for catching a “ride” on luggage, clothing, linens and other items, contributing to the spreading of these pests across Yorkshire and other cities in the UK.

Items Bed Bugs Often Hide on or Within Include:

    • Linens
    • Pillowcases
    • Used or second-hand furniture
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Sheets, blankets, clothing
    • And more…

What Attracts Bed Bugs?

While bed bugs do like to hide, breed and multiply in dark spaces and crevices, what actually attracts them is one thing and one thing only: their food source.

This food source is humans. They are also attracted to carbon dioxide emitted when you breathe.

Are Bed Bugs Able to Bite Through?


The short answer is “no”. While you may never actually see a bed bug, one telltale sign that you have them is the appearance of red, irritated bites, especially if they occur underneath your clothing.

That said, not everyone has a typical reaction to these bites. For some, they can become quite inflamed and painful, for others they may not be noticeable at all.



Bed bugs are known for their resilience and persistence, making most DIY efforts largely ineffective, and in some cases making the matter even worse.

What makes these fiends so hard to get rid of is that they:


    • Have short and constant reproductive cycles
    • Feed relentlessly
    • Are small and flat making it easy for them to hide in crevices
    • Often resistant to consumer available pesticides

Due to these reasons and more, it is often advisable to hire a pest control specialist that can quickly, reliably and safely take care of your bed bug problem. Professionals such as those at Apex Pest Control in Yorkshire are expertly trained, highly experienced, and equipped with industry-grade home and pet safe bed bug remediation tools and insecticides.

For those homeowners looking to first attempt a DIY approach, the following are the top five tips to fight back.

1. Eliminate Potential Hiding Places

Bed bugs do not like to be out in the open. They do, however, enjoy dark crevices and clutter in or under which they can hide out.

Consider eliminating the following:

    • Old magazines and newspapers
    • Clutter
    • Bins or storage containers
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Do not leave clothing piled up or on the floor

Remember, bed bugs are small, flat critters capable of creeping their way into any dark space or crevice. The more of these you can eliminate the less opportunity these insects will have to hide, breed and multiply.

2. Deep Cleaning

In order for professional pest control specialists to effectively eliminate bed bugs, they need to be able to thoroughly inspect the infested areas. Cleaning rugs/carpet, flooring, baseboards, furniture and other household items and areas can give them a fighting chance at rooting out these notorious pests.

Next up on the list: wash linens, bedding and clothing at maximum temperature settings on your washing machine. Similarly, dry them on the hottest setting possible. Once these items are properly cleaned and dry, seal them in large Ziplock or other plastic bags.

Deep cleaning your rugs and carpet is also advisable. Afterwards, be sure to “double-bag” dirt and grime removed from the vacuum and place outside in a bin away from your home.

3. Reconnaissance and Exposure 

During this step, your goal is to uncover and expose any potential areas, cracks, crevices and other places bed bugs may already be, or could possibly, hide in.


    • Evaluating baseboards and trim work for loose boards and spaces
    • If you have wallpaper check to make sure the seams are not loose
    • Inspect wall outlets and switches to make sure they are snug against the wall
    • Expose flooring under rugs and remove rugs for deep cleaning
    • Inspect tiles
    • Remove any unnecessary furniture or other items from the area

4. Reposition your Bed 

This simple yet effective tactic can make your bed a harder target for bed bugs to crawl up on from walls. Beds positioned snugly against walls are most susceptible to these pests. By making your bed an “island” you eliminate ease of access from walls while also eliminating the crevice formed where the bed and wall meet up.

5. Linen Care and Bed Bug Proofing

Next up, wash all of your bedroom linens on the hottest settings recommended by the manufacturer.

Items to Wash Include:

    • Pillows and pillowcases
    • Sheets
    • Comforters and blankets
    • Mattress pads


Once washed and dry, seal them tightly in plastic bags to prevent re-infestation. Take out only as needed until the bed bug problem has been resolved.


You may also want to consider implementing:

    • Bed bug proof covers
    • Natural bed bug repellant


6. Leave it to Professional Pest Control Specialists

While the DIY route may be attractive to some, it is not always the best path to take when trying to safely and quickly eliminate bed bugs. These resilient pests are notoriously difficult to eliminate.

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Pest Control Service:

Expense – While the initial investment may be higher, hiring a pro often ends up being the less expensive call in the long run. Retail pesticides are often less effective, meaning more trips to the store, and continued damage and suffering while you try to combat these pests on your own.

Convenience – Finding the time to deal with pests isn’t always easy or anything you look forward to spending time on. Professional pest control companies such as Apex Pest Control will work quickly, discreetly and on your schedule, not theirs.

Knowledge and Experience – Half the battle is knowing the enemy. A local exterminator will be able to quickly and accurately identify the species of bed bug, factors contributing to the infestation and ways in which to reduce the risk of re-introduction of the pests in the future.

Risks – Chemicals of any type carry a certain amount of risk. Professionals use industry best practices when handling and placing any needed pesticides, educating you on when it is safe to re-inhabit the area and can advise on alternative, child, pet and family safe treatment options.

Effectiveness – Pest services utilize industry-leading practices, have access to more effective treatment options, and have experience backed by a track record of successful removal of infestations in your area. They can quickly, safely and reliably eliminate the problem, helping you get back to life as usual instead of being tormented by these little monsters.

Closing Thoughts Regarding Bed Bug Infestations

Residents of Yorkshire and all throughout the UK have experienced a surge in bed bug infestations over the last decade with no signs of the problem slowing down any time soon. If you suspect or are aware of a bed bug infestation don’t wait to take action. Follow the steps in this guide to protect your home and family and to take back control of your living space from these invasive and harmful pests.