About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Steve Endor.  I proudly work for the largest pest control company in Australia – Amalgamated Pest Control.

I’m a fully qualified pest controller with over 20 years experience in the Industry.

Currently, I am the Compliance and Public Relations Manager, but over the years I’ve worked as a Pest Control Technician, Training Officer, Training Manager, Technical Manager and Business Development Manager for the Company.

Pest Control runs in the family…

I love what I do and it runs in the family.  My Dad started out in pest control when I was 7 years old.

I had fond memories of riding with him – ‘helping’ him out on weekends, and enjoying what he did for people – solving their problems.

I ‘worked’ along with Dad during my late school years, and while I chased my other career (an IT professional) I still kept my hand in pest control.

I graduated with a Bachelor or Business and spent 12 years in the IT industry both in business and technical software, but pest control never left my veins.

Dad eventually retired from full-time field operations, and became the chief trainer and technical officer for Amalgamated Pest Control. His career spanned more than 28 years in the industry.

I came back ‘home’ to the industry – much like the ‘prodigal son’ – getting back into the game before Dad retired.

Now my own son now has joined the ranks of pest controllers, loving his job as a technician for over six years.  (I never asked him or encouraged him to think about pest control – he just wanted to get involved).

Why Pest Control?

I still love programming; I hate the thought of being an accountant; but pest control has got me hooked!

Helping people is a big part of the job.  Solving their problems, and keeping our lives healthier and our property more secure – it’s all good!